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The Honest 2 Goodness market

Today I’m catching up with Brid Carter about the Honest 2 Goodness market in Glasnevin and how it’s getting on currently. I had the pleasure of an evening of great food and wine at their Twilight Market pre covid 19. - Paul O'Connor

We started the Honest2Goodness Market way back in 2009, with the ambition to re-create a European-style market full of quality food and wine, to become a destination market but without any fuss. Our ambitions were high to successfully create this in two semi-derelict warehouses in the semi-desolate surroundings of Dublin Industrial Estate, in an area of Dublin that could be called Glasnevin or Finglas depending on who you were talking to!

Now in 2020, despite the last recession and the current one, we are still alive and kicking! The McKenna guide 2019 said about us:

Brid and Colm’s Honest2Goodness Market has been making life better for Dublin’s Northside food lovers. Right from the outset, H2G had a powerfully strong identity, a USP of natural foods that stressed creativity on the part of the producer and grower, and honesty on the part of the marketeer.

We host a weekly Saturday Market where the majority of our 25 Stalls are indoors, alongside a small number of hardy producers who remain outside. We have curated a good balance of primary producers (meat, fish, bread and vegetables) alongside a tempting array of indulgent foods and healthy clean options. We always look for producers who are quality focussed, but they also have to be able to sell! And of course, our wine and cheese stalls has grown from its small beginnings to now showcasing over 150 of our wines along with artisan Irish cheeses and other artisan products.

During 2019 we also launched a Thursday Evening Twilight Market so that we could handsell our wines and match them with various small-plates as well as host evenings where chefs could strut their stuff in our Chef’s Kitchen area. We have hosted Thyme Restaurant from Athlone, Assassination Custard from across the city and JP McMahon’s Tartare Cafe from Galway, as well as a number of up and coming local chefs.

Impact of Covid

The impact of Covid Lockdown was immediate as our wine wholesale business servicing quality restaurants just came to a standstill, and our Saturday and Thursday Markets had to close. Within two weeks we were online with a Click and Collect service using the Neighbourfood platform. It was Easter Saturday and we had around 220 customers arrive to collect their orders all at the same time – a nightmare day! We had a sharp learning curve over the following weeks…

We reopened our physical market on the 4th of July, having revamped our market layout to allow for physical distancing and other measures to keep everyone safe. For the rest of the summer, we gradually rebuilt our customer base, as people’s confidence grew that we would keep them safe. When the second lockdown came, while our Twilight Market came to a halt, we were able to keep the Saturday Market going this time around, thankfully!

As the Saturday Market is very busy, we have retained the Neighbourfood Click & Collect service, and it has been growing in the current lockdown, and there is a great array of small-scale startup producers on the platform, as Neighbourfood gives an easy way to get established. Www.neighbourfood.ie/glasnevin is our one, but they are becoming established all around the country now.

We have also had to change how our wine business works, with so many of our restaurant customers closed for now, so we recently launched our e-commerce website over at www.h2gwines.ie – its early days yet, but we have been getting great feedback on the website and our sales so far are very encouraging.

2021 and beyond…

If we can put COVID-19 behind us (obviously a big IF), then we will re-open our Twilight Thursday Market – we have lots of lovely wines to share with people, and our small-plates showcase artisan foods in affordable ways…

We will continue to find new wines to import into Ireland, some are already in the pipeline, hopefully get back to supplying wines to restaurants and wine bars and to build our customer base on our online platform too.

Honest2Goodness website – www.honest2goodness.ie

Our e-Commerce Wine website – www.h2gwines.ie

Our Click and Collect Service – www.neighbourfood.ie/glasnevin

Twitter: @brid_h2g

Instagram: @honest2goodness

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlasnevinMarket

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