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Looking back, with hindsight, I was always destined to be small. A smallholder and now a small business part-owner. But the common thread woven between both has been a love and a passion for good food. It was something I grew up with and really knew no different.

In many ways, that’s what sets small artisan food businesses apart in a market of massiveness. You can wax lyrical about USP’s, market share, call to actions and all that awful marketing as much as you want but for many; it’s just passion. Passion for what we do, passion for what we produce and a belief that what we produce and a belief that what we produce is what we ourselves would like to buy and eat.

Cake Dames was born “officially” in a solicitor’s office in Waterford on 25th of August 2019. I and Julie Doherty, both bakers, decided to search for a food truck from which to sell our cakes, bread, pastries etc. Our first foray into the market was a trip over to Dunbrody House, Wexford. A baptism of fire in that I burnt the clutch out of my VW Tiguan pulling the massive, unwieldy, 35-year-old converted caravan over and reversing it into a very narrow gate. Then to add insult to injury, market-goers walked past us hardly giving us a second glance. A sharp learning curve.

We moved over to Cheekpoint, Co. Waterford and parked the van at the side of Julie’s homeplace and haven’t looked back. We are there every Friday and Sunday afternoons and are building up a regular clientele travelling out from Waterford city, Tramore, Dunmore East as well as great local support from both Cheekpoint and Faithlegg. We need to find a pitch on the Wexford side of the estuary but I won’t put my poor Tiguan through that again, so it’s still at the drawing board stage.

The smallholding part of my life now has to “slot in”, but without which, I wouldn’t be me. I produce most of my own food with some excess sales. My own pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, a lot of my own vegetables and I’m trying to get there with fruit. I planted a small orchard of apples, cherry trees and plums which the goats totally destroyed. I’ve since discovered that fruit trees are like crack cocaine to them…

I want to get to the stage of producing it all and ideally supply all our egg requirement for Cake Dames.

We use organic flour, eggs, cocoa, lemons, dried fruit or basically as much as we can easily get hold of. It means our cakes are a bit more expensive but they are the cakes we both would be happy to buy ourselves and that is the standard we operate to.

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cakedames.

Julie is @flourandwine on Twitter

My smallholding is @thethreepaddocks and

I tweet about food @foodborn

I write a blog about all the shenanigans www.uppedstickswithpigs.com about my move with pigs, poultry, dogs, cats from North Meath to South Wexford over three years ago.

If you’re in the South Wexford area, do yourselves a favour and hop on the scenic Passage East ferry and come to visit us for good coffee, great cake, music and chat

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