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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Ordinarily I’d be chatting on here about where I’ve been out and about on the town this month, amusing news and who really needs to have a long chat with their fashion adviser. As some of you know I dine out very regularly, ok everyday, but like all of us this year has brought us our wicked aunt who came to visit but doesn’t seem to want to leave.

So, most of my year so far…

As I was lying in my hospital bed, post surgery, the doctor said “all looking good, hopefully you’ll be out next week” I looked at him with tears in my eyes and indicating at the tv with virus updates he said “of course you’re worried, we’ll have you out tomorrow”.

I had played the Covid card for the first time as I really wanted to get out for lunch on Sunday.

At this stage you could still dine indoors. I knew the writing was on the wall so I did quite the dining out marathon. Gorgeous dim sum in Kwanghi’s Bowls, less so gorgeous dim sum in a place near Grafton street where I tried quite a few average- ish dim sum while a ‘celebrity’ solicitor dining alone at the next table had the 9.99 menu of run of the mill Chinese takeaway dishes. Slight embarrassment as the solicitors card was declined a few times, no doubt the card machine was acting up at the time as my 30 euro bill went through the first time.

As Leo continued his morning run around Castleknock, neither he nor I could have imagined that the grand dame of Castleknock village would make an absolute disgrace of itself when it reopened under level something with one other local politician tweeting that it was like Christmas eve. So I jogged on with Leo.

Meanwhile across town I had the dinner of dreams at Canteen with a good friend on their opening night. Fab quail and pork with crackling that was the stuff of dreams. The cognoscenti were all there. With an espresso martini each we had, what turned out to be, my last night on the town...for now.

I returned to dining on cold terraces, if Covid wont get me hypothermia will, I thought.

We’ve forgotten the unsung heroes of Covid 19, the people who gave up dining out seven days a week. When my grandson asks me what I did during covid, I can look him in the eye and say, son, I did click and collect.

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