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Kadai Paneer

This recipe is a from Sateesh Sayana, Head chef at Ruchii restaurant. A vegetarian dish with Paneer, bell peppers in a masala sauce.


1. Paneer (cottage cheese) cubes - 250 grams

2. Peppers x 3 (diff colours) – diced

3. Onion x medium-sized x diced

4. Onions x 2 large-sized - pureed

5. Tomatoes x 3 large-sized - pureed

6. Ginger-garlic paste x 2 teaspoons

7. Red chilli powder x 1 tsp

8. Coriander powder x 1 tsp

9. Turmeric powder x 1 /4 tsp

10. Garam masala X 1 tsp

11. Ghee x 2 tsp (Clarified Butter)

12. Salt to taste

13. Bay leaf x 2 14. Cloves x 3 1

5. Cinnamon x 1 inch stick

16. Ginger slivers x few

Cooking Method

Step 1: Heat ghee in a Kadai/Balti (pan) and saute the cottage cheese cubes till golden brown. Move these into bowl of warm water.

Step 2: Now saute pepper dices, onion dices in ghee and remove them for Step 6.

Step 3: In the same pan add bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks, onion paste and ginger-garlic paste. Saute them until lightly golden.

Step 4: Add red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala and little water. Mix well and cover, bring the mixture to boil. Add tomato puree and mix again.

Step 5: Cover and cook for 5 minutes till oil surfaces up.

Step 6: Finally, add salt and drained cottage cheese cubes. Garnish with sautéed pepper dices, onion dices and ginger slivers.

Serve hot!

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