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It’s Cocktail Time

It’s that time of year we’re inundated with ideas for food-based gifts for friends and family to make gifting more personal. However, the problem is that most recipes for drinks require you to have picked berries back in August or September (looking at your blackberries and sloes!). If you’re lucky enough to have done that and have them frozen to make drinks, great. However, when you read the recipe, it takes months or in some cases, a year before such drinks are ready to drink and share. Very frustrating.

So how great would it be to have something that is done and dusted within 4 days and with minimal effort…. Let me introduce you to Coffee Bean Vodka!

Taken from Susy Atkins “How to make your own drinks” it is ridiculously easy to make and has some nice uses too. From coffee liquors, straight, over ice or even added to beef stews for a little background kick.


  • 60 coffee beans (best quality you can find and medium strength)

  • 1 heaped teaspoon of sugar

  • 70cl vodka (don’t go buying anything expensive here… hit up your local discounter for a bottle)


  1. Tip the coffee beans into a large bowl and, using the back of a metal spoon (or end of a rolling pin), bash them until each one has cracked and broken a little.

  2. Pour the cracked beans into a large sterilised, Kilner jar and spring in the sugar.

  3. Seal up and shake gently.

  4. Store in a cool, dark place, shake daily for 4 days (yes, only 4 days!). Taste on day 4 and if happy with the flavour…

  5. Strain (through a fine sieve or muslin cloth) and bottle.

You can put flavoured vodka back into the original bottle you opened, or if you’re like us, you might have kept some of those smaller drinks bottles to reuse and pass on as gifts with nice labels and recipe idea handwritten.

Now you’ve got your coffee vodka, what to make first with it… How about this BBC Good Food Next Level Espresso Martini! The sherry and sugar syrup take the bitterness out of the overall drink for me and I loved it.


  • 15ml Pedro Ximénez sherry

  • 1 tsp sugar syrup, or to taste

  • 30ml hot espresso

  • 30ml coffee vodka

  • 5-6 ice cubes


  1. Pour 30ml of the coffee vodka into a large cocktail shaker, ideally a Boston-style one. Add the sherry, syrup and espresso.

  2. Add the ice, then immediately put the shaker together and shake very hard and fast until the outside of the shaker feels very cold.

  3. Open to check the drink – it should be really foamy. If not, continue shaking and check again.

  4. Double-strain the cocktail (do this by pouring it through a hawthorn strainer or the built-in strainer, and through a fine sieve) into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with the extra coffee beans to serve, if you like.

@Mary_Mc is an avid tweeter and kindly shared this cocktail recipe from home.

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