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Chez Max

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On a cold Wednesday afternoon, I sat on a terrace pretending that I was in Montmartre. I was at Chez Max, Palace Street which if you don't know it, is at the side gate to Dublin Castle. Neither I nor any of the other guests looked at all Parisienne, it's rather difficult to look chic when it’s Baltic outside, more Stockholm than Sacre Coeur.

The terrace had a mixture of guests, tourists and locals. I did wonder how the tourists could be here, considering it was the 3.terrace level of lockdown, I hadn’t realised that they could still fly in.

From a menu that had offerings from many Gallic regions I chose warm options.

Onion soup to start served as traditional as you’ll get in Ireland. The sweetness of the onions with a Gruyere baguette were spot on.

Slightly warmer now I continued with a perfect Boeuf Bourguignon; tender pieces of beef

stewed in what could have been a half bottle of red wine so rich was the gravy, baby mushrooms and onions, bacon pieces. I eschewed the side of baby potatoes and asked for Dauphinoise potatoes which were equally delicious.

To finish I had to have the Tarte Tatin which I hadn’t had since I was a youngfella.

Just as I remembered, delicious dark caramel, sweet apple, a tipple of calvados and a slightly crispy tarte. Definitely moreish. With French music playing on the terrace, two nice glasses of their entry level wine, I really could have been in a typical bistro.

The staff all wore masks and had a sanitiser on every table.

As I left I wondered when we’d be able to dine in again, little did I know that the following week my little Parisienne terrace along with the rest of the country would be a no go area.

They are currently doing a click and collect service.

The bill including wine was 43.60

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