I’ve worked in many areas of the hospitality industry. 

My work has included being part owner of a restaurant where I worked hands-on, also marketing and all areas of social media for the restaurant and food producers. My work with food producers has been mainly with small producers. 

I’ve provided social media services to food festivals including work as an advisor. I have and continue to provide classes on the correct use of social media to producers. I advise restaurants on menu development. 

My interest in and knowledge of restaurants and food is quite wide and I’m well known on social media under the handle @paulshoebox. 

I work for the prestigious Hotel and Catering review as a hotel inspector. I’ve travelled countrywide as well as worldwide when it’s possible. I have provided advice on the development of Nepal, in an honorary capacity.

Along with Joris Minne, I am the co-chairperson of the Irish Curry Awards, the awards, created by Ali Askir, funds the Children's heartbeat trust. A very fulfilling role as head judge, I collate the public vote and that of our esteemed judges throughout the country. The awards ceremony takes place once a year and is filmed for a wide audience in the Indian subcontinent and the U.K.

I have been honoured to be a judge at the Great Taste Awards.